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Can you imagine this asshole just showing up still convinced it’s all about him and naively questioning people while buildings are coming down and fires are still raging…someone jumping out of the tower to their death and instead of helping he’s poking them to see if they’re real. Jesus that’s dark. Mental illness is terrible, but even if you can’t help it there are just behaviors that nobody wants to deal with when critical things are going on. It’s awful to be so out of it and self-absorbed you’re incapable of reacting to the real world, other people’s suffering, etc.

African American Black Lives Matter For Kamala Fun Gift Shirt


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I’m trying to think if I had this delusion as a young kid. I don’t think it was until I was a teenager before I was fully comfortable with the idea that the world is comprised of billions of main characters in their own stories, and I’m just an extra at best in most of them (a lucky supporting character in a few!). I felt like maybe people were robots. But then who built the robots and why? Maybe it’s a training simulation – that I’m being prepared for something great and I don’t know it yet – but why is everyone else going through the same training?