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It is. The problem is there are hospital politics and big names can still allow for shitty decisions. All the staff petty much passively resisted but it comes down to administration. We had a code on our EMR showing who was a VIP. You don’t want VIPs. He had two nurses with him at all times making necessary adjustments. I’m surprised they could spare those two nurses for that long considering the circumstances honestly. But my niece also had two nurses with 100% of the time during her induced coma when she on dialysis, ECMO, and other failing organs. Never seen nurses just stay with a patient like that.

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ECMO is pretty much always staffed as a 2:1. One nurse to care for the patient and the other takes care of the ECMO circuit. ECMO is one of the only things staffed as two nurses to one patient. Plenty of other devices will be staffed as a 1:1 ratio though. Trump is nearly infinitely more dangerous than Johnson, though. Boris has proven to be capable of absorbing new information when absolutely needed but that shit just bounces right the fuck off the other guy.