A Charlie Brown Christmas 55th Anniversary 1965 2020 Signature Shirt

I can sense if a person is pregnant, even if they’re not showing. Their faces are a dead giveaway, but it’s strange because I didn’t even grow up with a mom or with younger siblings, but ever since I was younger and met pregnant women here or there, I started to pick up on sensing a pregnancy. It’s not a look the expecting woman exudes because sometimes they say they aren’t and find out later on that they are. My dads were friends with my bio mom when I was younger (one still is) and I sensed she was pregnant when I was 10, again when I was 12, and again when I was 17. When I was 17, I knew before she did. It creeps me out when I figure it out, so I don’t share it anymore. I found out each time one of my sister in laws was pregnant, but I told no one aside from my husband, she’d always share when she was in her second trimester. If a person isn’t showing, I keep it to myself.

A Charlie Brown Christmas 55th Anniversary 1965 2020 Signature Shirt

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The only time I’ve ever been scared is when my physical safety is threatened such as a patient blocking the door, hinting they know where I live, or implying they’d like to hurt or rape me. I have a stellar poker face and once these really tough patients realize that I’m unfazed they usually drop it. My strength in therapy is mostly just broad acceptance and tolerance of whatever they bring to the table. I let them know when I have to break confidentiality from the get-go and that’s that.



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