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So what about all the normal and/or below-normal temperatures all around the world that weren’t measured or included to make this the ‘hottest January on record’? Maybe they weren’t measured or included because it would show that the temperatures were just the norm for the month of January in most places on the planet… In the minds of many people, global warming is all or nothing. If it exists at all, it spells impending doom. The question in their minds is only whether it exists or not, and is caused by us at all. The reality is a lot more complex. And what about the past four billion years +/- 141 years when the world’s average temperature wasn’t measured?

7 Eleven Always Open Shirt


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I live in eastern VA and its spring. Usually, February can be one of our coldest months, we also get some snow around this time of year. But there are flowers everywhere, the birds are singing, it’s been raining almost all the time, the temps have been around the 60s or higher. And the freakiest thing lately is I now hear frog’s and crickets at night…in February. This makes me absolutely DREAD this summer and the summers in the future. It makes me want to move as far North as I can when I can afford it because I am not a summer person at all.