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Getting dizzy. We had an uncle who was tall and strong and would spin us around one by one. We couldn’t get enough. I remember after my spin, I’d just laugh as I couldn’t keep my balance and watch the world spin. Now, I avoid getting dizzy like the plague. There’s a reason for this. Little kids absolutely love getting swung and tossed around because it helps them develop their nervous system and motor skills. They grow out of it which is why most adults don’t like the sensation of being dizzy or tossed around.

When I was little me and my sister rode the teacup ride at Disney with my dad. My dad got our teacup spinning really fast and all three of us were working together to keep it going. My sister and I were having a blast and not paying attention. I finally looked at my dad and he wasn’t helping us spin it anymore but he was sitting back and passed out cold. I thought he was joking so we kept spinning the cup. When the ride ended my dad stumbled out of the cup and puked in the bushes. We felt really bad about it. Don’t worry about it. When I was a kid, the mark of poor dom was if your clothes and shoes came from K-mart. One day a bully started making fun of me at the lunch table for my K-mart shoes and I asked how he knew where they came from. He got quiet for a second, then hit me and said something like “you trying to say I go there??” And then the bullying commenced as normal.

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