2020 Mask The Year I Got To Be A Teacher Essential Colors Shirt

Who cares? I’m not watching these clowns anyhow. 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant is murdered in his yard by a black neighbor and no one bats an eye. On the other hand, a convicted rapist who was at a residence illegally, had a warrant for his arrest, refused police commands and now apparently tried to reach for a knife under the driver’s seat in his car gets shot by police — and we have riots in the streets and virtue signaling on parade. This whole BLM thing is a farce to embolden and defend the lowest, shit tier level of society and to make anyone who just wants to mind their own business while trying to reach their goals day by day feel guilty for existing.

2020 Mask The Year I Got To Be A Teacher Essential Colors Shirt

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Important to note that these are the two teams most likely to win the championship and if they don’t play it’s unclear how the playoffs would progress. I’d imagine the situation is still developing, but if the Lakers and Clippers decide they aren’t going to play at all it doesn’t really matter how the other teams vote. I remember the mid 90’s baseball players strike. I loved baseball, and especially the dodgers when Hershiser was pitching. I was so pissed that these millionaires were fucking up my fan experience, I never went back to watching baseball ever again.















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