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It’s in 2020. Why are we still bitching about ads? There are many posts asking about must-have extensions/apps. And how many times is ublock origin & AdBlock HIGHLY recommended? If people complain about ads, that’s their own fault. It’s like complaining about FB and privacy. If you use FB, then you don’t care about your privacy. If you don’t use a blocking app, then you don’t care about receiving ads. The fact that I can’t get a decent adblocker for my iPad makes me want to build one of those raspberry pi modems that blocks all common ad sources.

2020 Is Boo Sheet Shirt 2020 Halloween Shirt Gift Shirt


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I disagree with 100%. Reddit users are responsible for the subreddits they join and interact with. Even then, way too many Redditors read the title and that’s it. They don’t open links, they don’t read comments. They have two cents to spend and they aren’t going to waste time on spending it. Two cents is worth a glance, followed by a comment based on assumptions.