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Backstory: I always followed the second rule but never truly accepted myself. I ended up always trying to read other peoples ( friends, family, Partner) desire. Make them happy. I was able to see my girlfriend’s needs and knew how to cheer her up, bring her down or do all the things to make the Life perfect for her. I couldn’t say No. I preferred to feel bored, angry than saying No. I said and did what my dad wanted to hear. I was some kind of manipulate, too. But I never tried to make myself happy. I felt empty. I noticed that I was in disguise but never have I seen myself uncovered.

2020 Is Boo Ghost Wear Mask Halloween Shirt


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Ooooh, boy. I have a ton- all are pretty cynical. That goodness isn’t rewarded, that people may not be meant to take advantage but will take all you give them and may well not appreciate or reciprocate, that there is no ‘reality’, there is only what people believe- which might furthest from actual reality, that almost every system – however faulty- is in place because humans are too lazy to change them, that humans are inherently lazy, that most wealth is gained from loopholes, not industriousness.