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I had a bingle with a guy who was obviously drunk and he ran off from the scene. When the cops got there, they took me away and put me in a holding cell for about 12 hours before letting me go out a side door saying it was a mix-up. I figure the other driver was either a cop or a relative. No records, no charge sheet, or anything. Nothing I could do. I had to walk 10km back to my car. The driver was probably an off duty cop. My ex was hit by a drunk cop who ran a stop sign and the police on arriving abused her state of shock and convinced her she didn’t need to make a report. She still suffers back pain from it.

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Since they didn’t do a sobriety test on the scene this guy will not face any charges unless he is stupid and pleads guilty to drunk driving. The video evidence will not be enough for any halfway decent lawyer to negate by a claim that there could have been any number of things that caused him to seem drunk, likely a concussion. And as I’m sure he didn’t go to the hospital afterward, there would be no evidence against such a claim.