18th Birthday I Turned 18 In Quarantine 2020 Toilet Paper Shirt

Sorry to hear it broke, I remember misplacing mine cause I washed my hands and after drying my hands with a towel the ring slid off (it’s a bit lose) I didn’t hear it drop cause it landed between a pack of water in the kitchen. I could t find it and I cried. Can’t imagine what I’d feel like if it broke. I’m sure you’ll be able to get it fixed or keep the broken one and get a copy of it.

18th Birthday I Turned 18 In Quarantine 2020 Toilet Paper Shirt

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I am in the military and lost my ring during exercise once. It was really late and there were no lights in the field. I marked the spot for later. Somehow we found it the day after. All the sergeants felt bad for me and let me and some comrades search for it, while still on duty. That was really kind of them. Since that day I don’t wear my ring when in exercise or similar stuff.

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