100 That Witch Halloween T-Shirt

One of my dear friends died of colon cancer this year at the ripe age of 33. It happened so fast: she died 4 months after she was diagnosed. Prior to that, she had been healthy, and her only symptom (and the reason she went to the doctor) was bloating. I look at her picture every night before bed because I don’t want to forget her or to forget that I’m here and she’s not. It still doesn’t seem real.

100 That Witch Halloween T-Hoodie

100 That Witch Halloween T-Shirt

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It’s no one’s business, really. When you talk about that (referring to plans for marriage, family, and life outside of acting), you become a whole different type of celebrity. Your personal life bleeds into your professional life. I’m an actor, and you know me from who I play. You get a sense of who I am, but you don’t know everything.

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